Verizon iPhone 4G Release Date May Not Happen

Verizon iPhoneVerizon iPhone 4G Release Date may not happen. Okay, so this contradicts my last Verizon iPhone 4G Release Date Will Come post, so take this one with a grain of salt. According to Droid Life, Verizon recently had a meeting with employees where they announced that they are not interested in having iPhone 4 but instead they are focusing on Android and their Droid line of phones.

It seems the latest Verizon iPhone news always change. I really do expect a Verizon iPhone despite this possible rumor that Droid Life is now spreading. Verizon’s CEO himself expressed interest, and a president of Verizon from the Baltimore-Washington-Virginia region stated that Verizon will get iPhone.

This is the latest Verizon iPhone news. It will probably change soon. As a Verizon customer I’m really hoping for a Verizon iPhone, but if it doesn’t come then I’ll just switch to a Droid or just switch to Sprint and get an HTC EVO 4G.

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  1. Doctor V H says:

    You need to forget the iPhone and just buy something else that all the small people use. The alternatives to the iPhone are not even close IMHO.

    Everyone who loves luxury and quality switches to AT&T for the iPhone. Apple will never sell Verizon an iPhone.

    • David says:

      I agree. I doubt they’ll make a verizon iphone simply because it wouldn’t be competitive. With iPhone on AT&T and droid on verizon they have a chance for some good competition especially since there are so many different droid phones. I you ask me, apple should have 2 or 3 different types of phone (iPhone, iPhone nano, iPhone business) or something so they can compete with droid even more as well as with themselves. Verizon and droid figured that out early which is why they probably won’t get iPhones any time soon.

  2. David says:

    Just because “some guy who works there” said it’s gonna happen doesn’t mean it’s written in stone. Companies change ideas all the time. That’s why you shouldn’t say something is “FOR SURE” until the company announces it. It seems like just yesterday someone was saying the iPhone 4 was coming in January of 2010 FOR SURE based on a rumor that an Apple or AT&T employee supposedly said so. Turned out to be BS. So ill believe Verizon is getting an iPhone when verizon or apple announce that they are in production FOR SURE.

    • Larry says:

      I completely agree. I wish I had a nickle for everytime someone at Verizon told me something was “going to happen” and didn’t! I would have a lot of nickles for sure. I will leave Verizon for AT&T if they don’t pick up IPhone though!!!!

  3. Michael says:

    Why are people so stupid? There is ample evidence that ATT and Apple have a 5 year contract of Exclusivity. There are court documents to support this and the idiots continue to think that the iPhone is going to magically end up in Verizon before the contract is fully met. It is just not going to happen. Do you think ATT is that stupid? No! they are just juicing the public while they can, since they are the only one with the iPhone.

    Luckily Google came to everyone’s rescue with the introduction of Android. By the time ATT’s Exclusivity is up with Apple, Verizon most probably won’t need an iPhone. Look at Sprint, their Evo already trounces the iPhone by a wide margin.

    The Evo is 4G capable, does wireless video Conf. with multiple devices using 3G, 4G and Wifi, whereas the iPhone can only do this with anther iPhone in a WiFi only zone. The Evo does 3G and 4G wireless tethering with up to 8 different devices, the Evo has two superior cameras, one 8GP and the other 1.3GP vs the iPhone’s 5GP and 0.3GP. The Evo has HDMI output and a larger screen rendering your iPad or Reader as redundant. The Evo runs Adobe Flash, does True Muli-functioning and has far fewer dropped calls.

    Don’t forget Sprint has the fastest Network period. ATT claims the fastest 3G network, however their 3G network is half that of Sprint’s and they won’t have a 4G network until 2012. They drop more calls than any other major telco and they claim they have the fastest 3G network. Since they don’t have the fastest network they claim to have the fastest 3G network and since their 3G network is half that of Sprint’s that goes to explain why we can’t get reception.

    Give us a network and then talk about how fast your network is.

  4. Alan says:

    I just have to say one thing about your comment. As far as the camera quality, the iPhone blows it away! I don’t care if the Evo has an 8mp camera, it doesn’t come close…especially the video..and also people say thats just because of the iPhone’s software. Well Google or HTC should have made implemented better video codecs for the Evo. I had the Evo and took it back before my 30 days were up and that was my biggest disappointment was the video quality for 720 hd..very poor and the audio quality was even worse!

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