Verizon iPhone Release date in 2011, and iPhone 4G update

Verizon iPhone
Up until now, analysts estimated a Verizon iPhone Release date in 2010, but a Wall Street analyst, Brian Marshall recently speculated that Apple may have extended their exclusive contract with AT&T in exchange for having a low cost data plan for their iPad devices. If this is true, then it means we may not be seeing a Verizon iPhone on the Verizon Wireless network until late 2011.

This is just pure speculation, so don’t be disappointed just yet because the iPhone 4G release date is not far away. Apple will be announcing the iPhone 4G phone, and iPhone 4.0 software during their annual Worldwide Developers Conference which takes place during June 7-11.

The iPhone 4G was leaked last month by popular tech blog Gizmodo, so we know it’s real and it’s coming this summer 2010.  The iPhone 4.0 software download for iPod touch, iPhone 4G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G will also be released this summer. It won’t be released for the iPad until fall.

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