Verizon iPhone 4G Release Date, After 2010

Verizon iPhoneThere are many Verizon Wireless customers that are hoping the iPhone-to-Verizon rumors will finally become a reality this year. Apple is very secretive about new products, so we don’t know if this year will be the year of a Verizon iPhone.

Survey data has shown us that many Verizon customers would like to see the iPhone 4G on their carrier. If Apple follows the lead of Google and starts offering the iPhone on multiple carriers, their sales would skyrocket. Unfortunately a new rumor by Wall Street analyst Brian Marshall suggests that there won’t be a Verizon iPhone until 2011 due to a deal Apple and AT&T may have made with the iPad 3G.

Apple will announce their new products during the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) this year. The WWDC is being held from June 7-11, so this is the time-frame we can expect to find out about any new products. The following products are confirmed to be announced during this conference:

  • iPhone OS 4.0 software will be announced. This allows multi-tasking, file sharing, and a lot more features. Video chat code was found in there too, but this will only be supported on iPhone 4G.
  • iPhone 4G with front facing camera. The iPhone 4G prototype photo was leaked online, and many of us now know that it will have a camera in the front.

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